WALLNITURE Gourmet Kitchen Pot Pan Lid Rack with Hooks Steel Silver 16 Inch

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Well-Constructed and Practical: The 16-inch kitchen rail is high-quality and comes with 10 2 ¾” hooks. This functional storage solution is great for hanging your pots, pans, utensils, apron, oven mitt and gloves while safely storing your fragile lids on top of the rack.
Space Saver Ingenious Design: Make room in your cabinets for other things that need storing, you can use the space from your handled cookware functionally, your pots and pans will hang beautifully from the wall.
Sturdy and Multi-Functional: Get your baking spatulas, cooking utensils, rolling pins, aprons, measuring cups and spoons out of your drawers to efficiently store them where you can see and at your fingertips. Your beautiful apron collection deserves a neat display option.
Game Changer Kitchen Rail: Save-up on space inside your cabinets and tidy up your counter while decorating your bare kitchen walls with a beautiful display of colorful cookware. This wall rail is a definite game changer in any kitchen set-up.
Countless Purposes of Uses: You can use the wall rail to hang your towels, belts, handbags, umbrella’s, coats, hardware, and many more. Use it in your bathroom, entryway, bedroom closet, or kitchen. Create a coffee station in your kitchen to functionally hang your mugs to drink a cup before you head out for work.

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