ID Towel Bar With Tumbler and Soap Dispenser Holder Hanger Bath Towel Rack

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Pure Solid Surface Products for your Bathroom - Softness, Pureness and Seamless are our Perspectives. Contemporary designs, functional forms and high aesthetics.

Solid Surface is an ultra-innovative material composed by a mixture of aluminum trihydrate (bauxite derivative) and polyacrylic polyester resins. Homogeneous and compact, resistant, non porous, 100% water-proof.

- Manufactured in Netherlands.
- Material: Brass, Solid Surface, Glass
- Color: Polished, Chrome, White
- Type: Wall Mounted
- Shape: Rectangular
- Dimensions: 23.6 W x 3.5 D x 1.2 H in.
- Towel Bar in Solid Surf. White matt
- Wall Bracket in Brass
- 2 Cup holders in Solid Surf. Included
- Tumbler and Soap Dispenser included