WALLNITURE Kitchen Wall Mount Rail Towel Bar Rack with Hooks Stainless Steel 47 Inch

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Brand: Wallniture

Color: Silver


  • Well-Constructed and Practical: The 47.2" x 2" x 2" rail comes with 10 S-hooks sized 2¾" making it simple to use for hanging practically anything; your aprons, oven mitt and gloves shouldn't be stuffed inside drawers, hang it to use it efficiently.
  • Sturdy and Multi-Functional: Made of quality stainless-steel construction, this wall rail can be installed at the cook's preferred height to reach cooking supplies with a swift motion. Feel like a gourmet cook and work more productively in your new kitchen set-up.
  • Game Changer Kitchen Rail: The wall mounted rail is perfect for hanging pots, pans, lids, utensils while storing lids on the top. Install it on your unused wall space and tidy up your counter with ease.
  • Space Saver Ingenious Design: Create valuable storage space and save a whole cabinet space with this rail installed on your wall. No more fumbling through cookware to find the one you need.
  • Countless Purposes of Uses: The multi-purpose wall rod can be used in your bathroom for hanging your towels, in your garage to hang and organize your hardware or in your closet for handbags, belts, umbrella's, athletic equipment and gear. The organizational rod is perfect for organizing and tidying up any space possible.

Publisher: Fasthomegoods

Details: Tidy Up Your Kitchen Countertop and Cabinets with a Game Changer Wall Mount Bar that Will Make You Feel Like a Gourmet Cook...

Be Handy Around the House: If all your hardware is neatly organized you can be handier around the house and save up on money when anything needs fixing.
You won't have to hire a professional carpenter to fix minor problems in your home.

Work with Your Kitchen Supplies: You can work more efficiently and productively in your kitchen by hanging
your cookware, utensils and other things you need handy at your fingertips
Work with your supplies, not around it.

Crafty Organization Solution: If you're into art and crafts the wall mount bar will be your best friend,
with the hooks and a few small hanging containers you can practically solve your clutter problem.
Organize all your paint brushes, weaving supplies, working gear, art and craft supplies with one simple, sturdy and space saver rod.

The Stainless-Steel Gourmet Kitchen Rail Will Help You To: Tidy up your kitchen countertop, cabinets, cookware, utensils, oven mitt and gloves.
Be handier around the house, feel like a gourmet cook and make your kitchen set-up functional.
You can easily reach for your pots, pans, lids and utensils with this sturdy and solid wall rail.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Rail Dimensions: 47.2 x 2 x 2 Inches

What is in the Package:
1 47" Kitchen Rail with 10 2¾" S-Hooks and Mounting Screws

UPC: 744947885916

EAN: 0744947885916

Package Dimensions: 47.3 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches

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The product comes with all the hardware needed for installation. The suplied brackets mount to the wall with screws and drywall anchors that are included as well. 
By Ryan S. on December 27, 2016
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Yes. It will easily mount to a ceiling. 
By AndyT on September 24, 2017
Yes, it can hang from ceiling but you MUST put the screws into joists. If the mounting brackets don't align with your joists then fabricate a decorative piece of wood. Mount the wood to the joists and screw the hanger to the wood. 
By Amazon Customer on September 25, 2017
You could hang it from the ceiling, and that might work even better than from the wall, if you don't need lid storage. I anchored mine into a cement wall in a storage room, but I think if you put it on a sheetrocked wall you'd end up denting the wall when you put your pans away. 
By pharmerswife on September 25, 2017
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It can't be shortened. You'd have to cut through stainless and rethtesd an end . Get a shorter wall mount 
By David Ackerman on January 7, 2017
It would be difficult without a threading tool to create the connection between the bar and bracket but theoretically it could be done. 
By Nissa Clark on January 9, 2017
It screws into the end brackets so it can not be made shorter. 
By Gramma B on January 10, 2017
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I am assuming the rod is bending slightly from the weight. If that is the case your best bet is to go to a local quality hardware store with a picture of the problem, of a Home Depot or a Lowes where you will hopefully get a knowledgeable person to help you purchase a small support you can use. 
By JY on March 9, 2018